Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 37

Current Challenge: Validate US Telephone Numbers
Progress: As of this morning, I've successfully finished the "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting" section on FreeCodeCamp, Yay! ;)

Minions celebrating

Looking forward to solving the "Advanced" ones. Pretty excited how the difficulty level will rise.
Thoughts: Though I almost solved everything on my own so far, I'm trying to dedicate an hour each day to help others (mainly on Gitter). I mean it's not like I would decline help in general, but I mostly found everything I needed after a quick search on Google, Gitter or in particular the FCC forums. More often than not I didn't even need to search since I was able to figure it out myself (although it probably took me way longer than on average). I also tried to refactor a lot and find alternate approaches, whereby the Wiki section on the FCC forums turned out to be a great source of inspiration. As a result, I noticed how my way of coding actually got a lot cleaner and more readable from challenge to challenge. Additionally, I had the opportunity to implement some more advanced programming concepts like "closures" or "recursion", which until now I only read about (e.g. Eloquent JavaScript*).

*Note: I stopped reading after chapter 6 for now because I felt like I needed more practice, which I eventually got thanks to FCC. The book is well-written and very concise but I wouldn' recommend it to a total newbie since it can be a bit overwhelming at times (e.g. "Polymorphism" in chapter 6 was difficult to grasp and some exercises may be very challenging). A far better book for someone completely new to programming or JavaScript is Head First JavaScript Programming.
Anyway, once you've picked up the basics Eloquent JavaScript is absolutely worth reading. I heard YDKJS is supposed to be pretty awesome as well, but unfortunately, I haven't had the occasion yet to read it. But I'll put it on my bucket list for sure! Maybe I'm gonna write some reviews later once I finished those books.

My plans for the next days:
  • Work through all "Advanced Algorithm Scripting" challenges on FreeCodeCamp

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