Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 28

Current Project: Local Weather App
Today's Progress: Continued with "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting" challenges on FCC and learned a bit about RegExp. If only I had known about it earlier, my life would have been easier!
Thoughts: Yes, I know I should have worked on my Weather App, but solving Algorithms is just more fun at the moment. Can't help it. I mean, eventually, I have to get it done anyway if I want to receive my Frontend Certificate. So, no worries! ;-)

Boy, almost forget to tell that I applied myself to a learning community today, of which every member probably has the same goal as me. Accelerate the learning experience through helping each other out. Looking forward to telling you more about it if I will be accepted!

Check it out, maybe it's something for you as well:
My plans for the next days:
  • Work through all "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting" challenges
  • Fulfill the whole user story of the Weather App (2 points left)
  • Head First JavaScript Programming" - Continue with Chapter  9

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