Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 24

Current Project: Local Weather App
Today's Progress: Did some "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting" challenges on FCC and some 'Kata's' on Codewars the last couple of days. Getting better at writing functions.
Thoughts: Yes, you noticed correctly, it's already day 24! I actually didn't stop coding but haven't written a post since Wednesday (day 20). I somewhat forgot about it and haven't felt the need to write something, since there wasn't much going on. I was a bit bored of the weather app so I temporarily switched to the scripting part (on FCC as well as on Codewars). Before moving any further on scripting now I'll first finish the Weather App, to get it off my mind asap.

I think I'll continue to only post an update if I really learned something worth mentioning or finished a project or the like. It'll be more interesting for you and less work for me. ;-)
My plans for the next days:
  • Fulfill the whole user story of the Weather App (2 points left)
  • Work through all "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting" challenges
  • Head First JavaScript Programming" - Continue with Chapter  9

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